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38 trees in a day - just another 77 to go

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Geometry and Sequencing,

Orchard landscape sky trees

We have a lot of trees to get planted before Christmas. After a few years of back-breaking digging we have now discovered the digger. Colin came to join James, Brian and Natasha. Thank God it was a dry day and not too cold.

Three years in we have learnt about the different 'groups' the varieties of trees fall into and the importance of mixing these up to promote pollination. We're not going for fertilizers, we're following the path of biodiversity and so the arrangement of the trees and their sequencing is now crucial to the yield. And you don't see us without a measuring tape, geometry is the name of the game. We're measuring the distance between the saplings and also making allowance for tractor turning points.


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