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Three Generations Planting

Our Story

We are the next generation of a medium-sized family farm, typical to the Severn Vale and the West Country.  Like many farming families facing modern-day farming challenges, we have struggled to imagine how to evolve the farm through to the next generation.  As Brian and James were growing, the land was used for a busy dairy farm, in more recent years it switched to arable - but its heritage is as a cider farm.  The old cider press still exists!


Our idea hatched in 2017 when we planted a tree as our annual, family, Christmas tradition.  After a few merry drinks we decided that one tree wasn't enough so the next year it would be an orchard.   And so here we are on our journey to establish an orchard and learn how to make cider.

Every year we plant more trees.  We all get a spade and start digging.  It's always cold because the planting has to take place in the winter months and the girls (Poppy, Florence and Evie) give up after a few trees - preferring to head indoors for hot chocolate.  

There has been disappointment along the way - after the first year of growing, our trees actually shrunk - animals had eaten the tops off most of the trees.  Then we have had  a few trees die - that's a kick in the teeth after all the effort to get them planted.  And recently storm Eunice claimed two more.  But we remain hopeful that in a few years we will get our first crop of delicious apples and our cider making skills will be put to the test.

Our hope is that this isn't just an orchard for our generation to enjoy, it's a legacy to pass on and a story to be continued





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