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Meet The Team

James Littleton


International development by day, farmer other days.  He has a plan and lots of trees on order.

Brian Littleton


Headhunter, hockey coach, BBQ wizard and home teacher.  He's a man with many hats but the farmer's cap certainly suits him.

Natasha Littleton


It's been her dream to manage orchards - anyone remember the film Baby Boom?

Grampy Littleton

Farmer Grampy

Loves a tractor.  Passionate about growing food to feed the country (he was around in the war and remembers rationing)

Grandma Littleton


Cooks a great roast pork after we've been digging in the orchard.  We'll be bringing the apple sauce soon.

Poppy Littleton


Our resident pie-maker, Poppy has done her fair share of digging but also makes a mean apple pie with the proceeds of the orchard.  The pies are a good motivator through the bleak winter months

Evie Littleton


Evie is our chief house builder.  She has a few bug hotels under construction and is on schedule to open these to visitors this Easter.   No bookings required - just roll up!

Florence Littleton


Florence is the wildlife auditor of the orchard.  She's keeping a list of the different species we discover and logging the photos.

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